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Buffalo 2017 & 2018 Packages




East Africa is truly the last wilderness area for hunters. This mystic part of Africa is rich in hunting tradition and history. We invite you to embark with us on this exclusive and truly dark Africa Safari experience!

Our area of 800,000acres borders the famous Selous Game Reserve and you will be hunting the same haunts as the famous man this beautiful piece of Africa was named after – Mr. FC Selous

Wild Lion is becoming one of the most sought after trophies in the world, and we are pleased to offer two hunts per year for this magnificent King of the Beasts! Our Buffalo and Leopard hunts that we offer in the Miombo woodlands rivals the best that Africa has to offer today. Hippo and Crodile roam the dark and mysterious rivers, sharing their aquatic surroundings with the illustrious Tigerfish. Combine this Dangerous Game adventure, with the option to hunt the majestic Sable, massive East African Eland, and a full compliment of Plains Game species to be found in this area.

We hunt in Mwatisi from August to November.

As an introduction to this new venture in Tanzania, we will be offering the best priced Safaris in this country for 2017/2018

Note: Talk to us about pricing – you will be surprised what we can come up with.