Photographic Safaris

South Africa have many spectacular sites and views. The country is renowned as being “the world in one country”. Infinito Safaris, however, offer Photographic Safaris only to one part of South Africa, and that is the Kruger National Park.

Our passion and knowledge for the wild game of Africa is stimulated in this fantastic venue. Charl specialise in these tours, as he knows the park VERY well, and of course the nature of the animals.

We offer three packages. Each package has an option of 3, 5, or 7 day tours.

They are:

  1. Platinum Package

This package buys you the top end service of the South African tourism industry, in and around the Kruger Park. Guests sleep in 5 star lodges and hotels, and the service, is well….Platinum! If you wish to treat your Lady or Man, this is the deal!


3 Days from $3,000.00 per person

5 Days from $5,000.00 per person

7 Days from $7,000.00 per person


  1. Gold Package

Typical the package most folks like to take and our best seller. Guests stay in 3-4 Star hotels and lodges, in and around the park. Also high end, but without the glamour that comes with the Platinum package.

3 days from $2,000.00 per person

5 days from $3,000.00 per person

7 days from $4,200.00 per person


  1. Silver Package

The cheap option to visit the Kruger National Park. Guests are catered for by Infinito staff in self catering villas in and around the Kruger Park. Good option for budget or young travellers.

3 Days from $1,000.00 per person

5 Days from $1,600.00 per person

7 days from $2,200.00 per person


All the above packages includes:

  • Pick up and drop off at Mbombela airport (ask us for help with travel arrangements)
  • Full day visits into the Kruger Park, every day of your visit
  • Licensed tour guide
  • Touring vehicle (unlimited mileage from 06:00-18:00)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Soft drinks
  • Entrance fees to the park
  • Local entertainment (only Platinum and Gold packages)
  • Alcohol in moderation (only Platinum and Gold packages)


Packages Excludes:

  • Any and all airfare
  • Insurance for personal affects, life and/or health
  • Gratuities to staff and/or guides
  • International phone calls via land, cell, or satellite line
  • Any purchases for personal use