Bowhunting Info

Bow hunting information


Please visit the Safari Info tab. Here you will find all the information you need  for a Plains Game Safari in South Africa.

Kindly take note that NO paperwork is required to bring in any bow or crossbow into South Africa.

Also take note that we can handle groups of up to 10 hunters and 20 guests at one time!

Hunting info:

We hunt from the dawn to dusk! In short, 6am to 6pm! Our team are well prepared and rigged to look after you through the whole hunting day! Clients are teamed up with a Professional Hunter or sits alone (depending on the experience of the client)

We hunt out of pit blinds and elevated hides. We have also erected some tree stands for the hard core “tree huggers”!

Shots are usually between 15-30 yards!

Equipment list:

  • Any modern 50-70lbs Compound / Traditional/Recurve/Crossbow will do (of course Mathews shoots better than any other!)
  • Good quality arrows in the 400 gr. Class
  • Cut on contact, fixed blade, 125gr. Broadheads (Slick Trick, Muzzy, Grim Reaper)
  • Range finder
  • Binoculars
  • Hunting bag (for gear)
  • WARM clothing (thermals, and heavy duty take down hunting jacket advisable.
  • Hard case for bow to travel (handy for packing clothes etc. also)