Rifle Hunting


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Infinito Safaris are proud to offer some of the best Plains Game hunting in South Africa.


Our motto of hunting in areas where each species naturally occurs, ensures that our hunters are able to take top trophies every year! As we say, there is nothing “representable” about our trophies, we aim to get you the BIG ones only!Grey Rhebuck (300x201)

The South African private Game preserve system is the most successful nature conservation story in our recent history. The money earned from travelling hunters, paying for the conservation of each species. We encourage you to keep on supporting our hunting industry, so that we can preserve our wildlife for future generations.

The following information helps to answer the most basic questions travelling hunters have:

•We hunt large enough areas that support self sustainable populations of game
•Depending on which area and species we hunt, the method is usually “spot and stalk”.
•Shots are avg. between 40 and 100 yards.
•The .30 Calibre you shoot best, with a good quality telescope and premium bullets will take care of all the Plains Game animals.
•Hunting from our main lodge will see rifle hunters visiting our hunting areas that covers a total of 200,000 acres in the Groblersdal district.
•Drives to hunting areas from our main lodge differ from 5 minutes to 45 minutes
•Hunters are out the whole day, leaving the lodge at 06:30 and returning at about 06:00
•We can cater for groups up to 16 people total with a maximum of 16 hunters in one group – BIG groups are FUN!KuduBullDennis (300x202) (2)