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Your Host:   Charl van Rooyen lives for hunting. A second generation Professional Hunter, Charl learned his trade from his father Leon and soon understood the basics of the complicated world that is Safari hunting. Charl joined his father on numerous hunting and fishings Safaris in South Africa, Botswana, and Mozambique, learning his trade the hard way, with boots on the ground.   Charl studied law post high school (“never fancied that!”) and played Professional Rugby for a couple of years before a neck injury stopped that career path. The obvious path, and the one he dreamed about his whole life, was that of what he loves most, hunting!   “The ethos of hunting for me is the pursuit of game in their natural environment, in a total fair chase spirit. I only hunt for the best trophies for my clients, and doing that pursuit takes me to all the Southern African countries I can hunt in.   “I have worked very hard during the last 10 years to secure hunting rights in areas that are big enough , with good trophy quality, to offer my unique Plains Game Safari experience. The result of this hard work, enables Infinito Safaris now to offer our clients the pursuit of species from the Limpopo river in the north to the Cape in the south of the country, in their natural free roaming environment!”   Charl is furthermore very passionate about hunting Buffalo, Leopard and Elephant.   “Everyone of these are special. The Leopard being the most difficult trophy to get in Southern Africa, the Buffalo for being so unbelievably tough and rugged looking, and the Elephant for the metal focus the hunt requires, and the danger involved.”   Fishing, Bowhunting and Big bore rifles are other passions for the big man:   “ Some of fondest memories comes from hours fishing with my dad and brother. Saltwater or fresh water, it does not matter, as long as I can outwit the scaly critters down below! Bow hunting is something that crossed my path no too long ago. It was refreshing to find a discipline in hunting that I had learn from the start. I became a addicted Mathews fan, and still believe it is the best hunting bow on the market! Big bore rifles and me come  a long way. I had my .375 H&H Pre-64 Mod 70 Winchester for 20 years now! I also use a .458Win for my DG work. With modern loads this calibre really stepped up to the plate, and has saved my life twice now!!   Your Hostess Erika Janse van Nieuwenhuizen have been with Infinito Safaris since 2009. As the General manager; Erika manages Infinito’s day to day running like a fine tuned Swiss watch. Erika have a passion for hunting  and nature conservation that is unrivalled. As a bow huntress, Erika is one of few woman to have harvested all the pig species in Southern Africa with her Matthews passion Bow. She understands the heart of the hunter. This young lady is of course famous with our clients for her fantastic cooking ability. Erika finds the time to make sure our hunters are well looked after at the dinning table. Many a wife and girlfriend can further testify to the fun filled day trips Erika took them on. Spa days, local schools, Kruger Park day trips and much more is just some of the activities that Erika likes planning for the non-hunting woman that comes along on the Infinite Safari! Erika travels with Charl every year to Europe and America to help market Infinito Safaris. Here the natural farm girl personality helps clients to come to grips with the finer detail of their planned holiday in a relaxed and natural manner! “I love what I do for a living. We live and breath the ability to share this AWESOME experience with people from abroad. I invite you to come and experience what we do best, give you the best hunting holiday ever” Like Erika on Facebook to follow us on a day to day basis, even when you are not here!