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United Kingdom


Here are some of the success stories:

Craig Boddington:

Television Personality, writer and veteran off 75+ Safaris to Africa:


Tim Herald:

Writer and television co-host of Nosler’s Magnum Television and “The Zone”:


Bernard Robinson:

“I hunted with Infinito Safaris the first time in August 2007. It was also my first visit to the Dark continent.

All correspondence prior to my Safari was very professional and to the point. Charl handled everything exceptionally well, and I had no problems travelling with, or clearing my firearms through customs. As promised the big man was waiting for me on time, and 20 min. later I was whisked away in one of their comfortable air conditioned vehicles.

These guys treat me like royalty, and we dined and relaxed in true style. What an experience. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I have travelled the world, but have never experiences hospitality from the heart, as with the staff of Infinito. I have become very good friends with Charl, Frederik, Solly, and the rest of the staff.

And the hunting…, I could not believe my eyes. Charl and Solly are one with the bush, and work very well as a team. The big man, and his little sidekick move through the bush like Ghosts………unbelievable! Infinito Safaris truly have access to some of the most beautiful places on earth, with game in abundance. We hunted on foot, and all the Professional hunters I hunted with were VERY good. We had great stalks, and easy ones, but most of the time…..a 100% hunting experience.

To give you an idea on how highly I rate Infinito Safaris and South Africa as a hunting destination……I have booked for March 2009, and yes ladies and gentlemen it will be my FOURTH visit in 19 months to Infinito Safaris, and this time it will be for Cape Buffalo with Charl!

Yes, this is a rave about them, yes they have asked me to type a testimonial, and yes, it comes from the heart.”


Bernard Robinson – United Kingdom

I have hunted Africa 18 times now. In 2007 I decided to give Infinito Safaris a try after reading one of their specials on the internet. It sounded a bit “ to good to be true” value for money hunt….but after the first correspondence with Charl my initial reservations was put to rest.

Me and my wife Jo-Ann joined Infinito Safaris for a 7 week hunt, and we had a wonderful time with Charl and his team.

All arrangements at the airport meet and greet went without a trace of trouble, and it was not only because of my experience. Infinito had EVERYTHING squared away.

The food was great, as was the service in camp. Jo-Ann relaxed as me and Charl hunted hard every day. Speaking of which, the man is one of the most capable PH’s I have hunted with in all my years of hunting Africa. He works hard, lives and breathes the bush, and your enjoyment and success is his ultimate goal.

We enjoyed the time with Infinito so much, that we returned in 2008, and enjoyed another wonderful 8 days with the team in another camp. Here we met Frederik for the first time. What a truly wonderful gentleman and gifted photographer, and hunter! Again we had just the best time imaginable. We will not be back in 2009, as we have friends in Namibia to visit, but you can sure bet on it that we will be back with these lovely people in 2010!

Go ahead and book with them, the result is a foregone conclusion… will have a ball!!!!


Terry and Jo-Ann Blaauwkamp – Michigan – United States

Me and my wife have been dreaming about an African Bow hunting Safari for years. In 2012 we decided to book with Infinito Safaris at their marketing road show in Iowa. WE spend 10 days of the most wonderful hunting experience we think anyone can ever get. The food was great and the hunting…well unbelievable! We got 7 top trophy animals!


Tyson and Laura Hulling – USA

We were a group of 8 hunters that booked with Infinito Safaris on their marketing tour of Sweden in 2008.

Infinito produced what was promised. All rifle permits and other arrangements were handled with the utmost professionalism by Infinito and their Swedish agent Christer Hansson. We hunted hard every day, and shot 49 animals in 6 days. All the professional hunters were above what we expected, and they were very good.

Charl handled the busy week like a true general, and everything ran very smoothly and like clockwork. Every meal was an experience to look forward to, and T-boy, the chef, get 10 out of 10 from us.

We made some good friends, and Frederik took some awesome photographs!

To Charl, Frederik, Erika, Nella, John, Andre, Solly, T-Boy, Frans, Princess, Diana…and all the rest of you that we cannot remember….Thank you VERY much….we will see you all soon!


Niklas Knuttson – Sweden

I hunted Namibia in 2005, but this was Mike’s first visit to darkest Africa.

After reading an article Charl wrote for the Shooting Sports magazine in England, I decided to drop him a line. After that first call, I was hooked and booked!

My visit with Mike was the second to Infinito in 10months. This must be the best value for money hunting holiday one can get! My first visit in 2007 was with my wife Sue, and we had the most wonderful 16 days with Charl. We hunted in the Limpopo province for 7 days, and toured down to the Cape, where we stayed in their villa on the coast for another week. MAGNIFICENT!!!

These people know how to treat a tourist right, let me tell you that. We came as strangers and left as friends. The food is the best I have had in ages, and they treat you like a king.

On my return visit I had Mike with me. We wanted good trophies, but more so, a good hunting experience. Let me tell you one thing…..hunting Blue Wildebeest in the mountainous bush veldt with Charl is one of the best hunting experiences ANY hunter can ask for……Mike shot his dream of a big Kudu bull, and I got a monster Eland…..What a trip. I’m back in 2009, that’s a promise!

Book with these guys, you will not be disappointed.


Daven and Mike – Wales – United Kingdom

 Booked with Infinito Safaris at the 2010 SCI convention in Reno, Nevada, USA. Charl guided me to 14 Species in 21 days in 6 of South Africa’s provinces to complete my African Plains Game collection. This was a very specialised hunt, and the big man delivered without fault. Top trophies were taken, one of which was a 2,5 “ Blue Duiker and another a 11” Grey Rhebuck! All arrangements were faultless and everything was done professionaly! They get my thumbs up for sureStephan Pasquan -America