``All Inclusive Packages``

Leading the way in innovation, again, Infinito Safaris brings you a unique, and new way, of buying all-inclusive packaged hunts.

How does it work?

Determine the type of hunt you are interested in and choose a package.

We have listed the animals you are able to hunt into three Categories, A, B and C.

You now have the freedom to hunt and kill any animal in the specific category, as it is listed in your package.

For management purpose we do request hunters to advise us of their primary animals, when the hunt is booked



Red Hartebeest


Blue Wildebeest
Black Wildebeest
Burchells Zebra


Blesbuck Common
Springbok Common
Impala Southern
Duiker Common

(Black Wildebeest & Springbuck must be
hunted together as an option)

Package 1

The First Timer (1 Hunter)

1 Arrival Day, 5 Hunting Days, 1 Departure Day

1 Animal out of Group B and 2 Animals out of Group C plus 1 Cull animal

Package 2

The Classic (1 hunter)

1 Arrival Day, 7 Hunting Days, 1 Departure Day

1 Animal out of Group A, 1 Animal out of Group B and 2 Animals out of Group C plus 2 Cull animals

Package 3

Platinum (1 Hunter AND 1 Observer or Child)

1 Arrival Day, 7 Hunting Days, 1 Departure Day

1 Animal Group A, 2 Animals Group B, 3 Animals group C plus 3 Cull animals

Package 4

Black Prince

1 Arrival Day, 7 Hunting Days, 1 Departure Day

1 x Sable Bull & 1 Group B and 1 Group C animal plus 2 Cull animals

Package 5

The Kruger & Plains Game Package

1 Arrival Day, 6 Hunting Days, 1 Travel Day, 1 Day Kruger, 1 Departure Day

1 Hunter and 1 Observer

2 Group A & 2 Group B and 2 Group C animals plus 2 Cull animals

Package 6

Black Death

1 x Arrival Day, 7 x Hunting Day, 1 x Departure Day

Taxidermy for a straight Buffalo Bull shoulder mount

Trophy fee for 1 x Cape Buffalo bull (NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS!)

1 x Hunter

Package 7

Hunting & Tigerfish
$4,500.00 per person

Any Hunting Package, 1 Travel Day, 5 Days Fishing, 1 Departure Day

Min 2 People

Choose any of the above hunting packages and add a Tigerfish Safari in Zambia!

The price is ALL inclusive from Johannesburg back to Johannesburg JUST add your hunting package!

Very Seasonal, package must be booked in October!

  • Included in Package:

    • Professional Hunter
    • Trophy fees for listed game
    • Full board and lodge
    • Airport Transfers
    • Wine, beer and soft drinks
    • Daily Laundry
    • Recovery and skinning of game
    • Rifle Import permit
    • All hunting Licenses
    • 14% VAT Government Tax
  • Excluded from Package:

    • Airfare
    • Taxidermy cost
    • Extra trophy fees for game not listed
    • Observer:$175.00 per day

Special T&C’s for Packaged Hunts:

  • Two Hunters can share a package but second hunter must pay full observer fees
  • No “swapping” in value of animals from our Trophy fee list is allowed. Any Animals NOT listed in the packaged groups, that is hunted, will be charged at our Trophy fee rate, unless otherwise arranged with the owners.
  • Hunters will hunt 2:1 unless travelling and hunting alone. That means 1 Professional Hunter and 2 Hunters
  • If a Hunter wants to hunt a Black Wildebeest he must also take a Springbok and vice versa. It is part of our quota management program.
  • The trophy quality will not be guaranteed, with the minimum requirement we set as a representative trophy of the species that is mature. Hunters that are serious about trophy quality and record book trophies, are advised to book one of our specialized Plains Game hunt.
  • Hunters cannot RESERVE or DEMAND a specific species in the GROUPS before or during a packaged hunt. Infinito Safaris ensures that there are quota available for all species in the GROUPS when the hunt is conducted.
  • Packages are paid in full whether the hunter collects all the trophies or not. We therefore need full payment of the Safari 60 days prior to your arrival

NEVER pass on the first day what you will kill on the last day!