Youth Hunts

Infinito Safaris do not charge for any children travelling as minors with their parents. We also let parents and kids share hunting packages without charging anything extra.  It is truly important to us. Your child, and who he will become, is important to us.

We want him to become an advocate for African Safari hunting, and the future thereof. As Christian and a Conservation Hunter Activist, everyone that has listened to our prayers at dinner table, can attest to the fact that we are very passionate about this.

So is it safe to bring a child to South Africa? Absolutely.

How old is old enough? I would say, out of experience, 6-7 years old. When they are 10+ its perfect! They need to be able to spend a bit of time on his feet, and be conversant enough to be able to be a bit of pal for you.

We have also seen that bringing mom along, if they are under 9, is vital. It is a bit of a handful for daddy alone with a 7-year-old that wants to kill everything in the morning, eat everything in the afternoon, and want his mommy before he sleeps at 19:00! All that with an attention span of 2 minutes!

My suggestions will also include a combination hunting holiday and a visit, to include something like the Kruger National Park, where they can see “cool stuff” and play a bit.

This trip should not be longer than 7 days of activities total. I usually advise 5 hunting days and 2 Kruger Park days, with 1 Arrival Day, 1 Travel Day and 1 Departure Day, making up a full 10-day itinerary.