Infinito Safaris Team

Our team consist of some of the top Professionals in the hunting industry in South Africa. Our Professional Hunters are all experienced young men that have been vetted by Charl himself for their professionalism, hunting passion and good humor

At the time of booking your hunt, you will be informed as to who your guide will be, and you can correspond with him directly as well.

You find everyone on our team to be friendly, professional, and good at what they do best

From your host, the professional hunter(s) down to the ladies that clean the rooms and wash and iron your clothes, rests assure that our team have only your best interest at heart!


Andre Kruger

Andre joined Infinito Safaris in 2019 and settled into a busy season hunting from April to October non-stop. Andre boasts the highest success rate in one season by any Professional Hunter in the companies history. Becoming good friends with Tiaan they formed an incredible team during the 2019 season and we look forward to have Andre employed for many years to come in our family!


Gawie Janse van Nieuwenhuizen

Gawie (Harvey for our American friends) is Erika’s brother. Gawie is in charge of managing the day to day operations of the hunts. Gawie lives on the Buffalo Valley Conservancy.

This young man’s passion is Cape Buffalo and Big Kudu Bulls! Gawie also learned his trade of specializing in night critter hunts, from Charl.


Solly Mathibela

Since 2007 Solly has been Charl’s number 1 tracker, and frankly, his right and left hand man. These days Solly guides and tracks mostly Buffalo with Gawie. He is also in charge of our other trackers, and manage all field staff relations in the company.

Solly is 40 years old, married to Kedibone, and proudly is the father off 7 Children. Solly also lives on the Buffalo Valley conservancy.

Dave Stueve

Dave Stueve

Our company will not be the force in the industry if it not for our USA office manager and good friend Dave Stueve. Dave have been representing Infinito Safaris in the USA from 2009 and exclusively handles our affairs in the USA since then.

The relationship between Dave, Charl and Erika is like close family, and he is entrusted with all our affairs in the USA. From his base in Iowa, Dave takes hunters calls, help with trophy imports, questions about travel, handles payments. The general advise Dave gives, was earned over the last 12 years of Outfitting hunts with Charl and Erika. Although Dave actively books hunts, it must be said that he is much more than a booking agent.

Dave is available anytime for anyone that would like to chat about our Safaris.


JD-Hunter Badenhorst

JD joined Infinito Safaris in 2022 and excelled in the Plains Game hunts he guided. JD loves hunting Warthogs and Predators. He is also learning from Charl, the art of hunting Serval! JD loves nothing more than to be in the bush and do what he loves, hunting!