Owner and C.E.O.

Charl van Rooyen

Infinito Safaris Hosts - Owners Charl and Erika

Charl started Infinito Safaris in 2003. Living his dream of building his own hunting company materialized slowly after he qualified as a Professional Hunter.

As a Professional Rugby player and Student of the Law, Charl led a very active and adventurous adolescent life. After University and a bad Rugby injury, he decided to turn his passion and expertise into a business.

From the start, our motto was always to offer visiting hunters to Africa the “NEVER ENDING” Safari experience. The Latin word “Infinito” fit that mission statement clearly and the name was born.

Charl started Infinito Safaris in 2009 and built Infinito into one of Southern Africa’s most recognizable Safari brands, with access to hunting blocks in 4 different countries.

In the 20 years of operations, Infinito has hosted an avg. of 100 Hunters a year, from 17 different Nationalities.

It is with great pride that we present our operation to you. After all, this dream was born many years ago when Leon Snr. Father to Charl, started a hunting business called Mpunzi Safaris. This company and two others (EDM Safaris and Mpumulelo Hunting Safaris) was conglomerated into Infinito Travel Pty. Ltd in 2003, ensuring a very strong, reliable and proficient industry leader.

Charl currently reside at their main Infinity Lodge in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

Owner and C.F.O.

Erika van Rooyen

Infinito Safaris Hosts - Owners Charl and Erika

Erika have been with Infinito Safaris since 2009. As the General manager; Erika manages Infinito’s day to day running like a fine tuned Swiss watch.

Erika have a passion for hunting  and nature conservation that is un-rivaled. As a bow huntress, Erika is one of few woman to have harvested all the pig species in Southern Africa with her Matthews passion Bow. She understands the heart of the hunter.

This young lady is of course famous with our clients for her fantastic cooking ability and she gives our chefs a hard time!. Erika finds the time to make sure our hunters are well looked after at the dinning table.

Many a wife and girlfriend can further testify to the fun filled day trips Erika took them on. Spa days, local schools, Kruger Park day trips and much more is just some of the activities that Erika likes planning for the non-hunting woman that comes along on the Infinite Safari!

Erika travels with Charl every year to Europe and America to help market Infinito Safaris. Here the natural farm girl personality helps clients to come to grips with the finer detail of their planned holiday in a relaxed and natural manner!

“I love what I do for a living. We live and breath the ability to share this AWESOME experience with people from abroad. I invite you to come and experience what we do best, give you the best hunting holiday ever”

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