South Africa offers the discerning hunter the opportunity to hunt Dangerous Game in a legal, and sustainable manner.

At Infinito Safaris we bring you over 30 years off Dangerous Game hunting experience. Exciting names like Klaserie, Makuya, Kruger, Lowveldt, Mopane, and then of course, Duggaboy, Tusker or man eater, conjures up images of an exciting and potentially dangerous adventure.

Infinito Safaris will not disappoint.

As Cape Buffalo specialist we offer the best QUALITY Buff hunts in South Africa, but guiding you to an Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Hippo or Crocodile will is an honour and privilege that we will except with humility and of course, excitement!

We love big guns and what they are build for. Our arsenal includes the accurate .375’s, the classic .416 Rigby, the Fat and Ugly .458Win, the BEAST of a .450 Rigby and then of course the venerable .470NE & .500 NE

90% of your hunting cost to us will go back into the preservation, conservation and management of the species that you hunt, as well as the local population that makes a living out of your Safari!

Cape Buffalo
From $12,500.00

From $18,500.00


Hippo & Croc
From $14,500.00


Leopard (Tanzania)
From $39,950.00


Lion (Tanzania)
From $65,000.00