Dip and Pack

Our Dip and Pack factory was completed in 2017. A very strict State Veterinarian protocol have to be adhered to, and our license to operate this factory is renewed annually by the Government to ensure compliance. Strict Protocols are:

  • Vermin proof perimeter
  • One-way flow treatment of trophies
  • Quarantine storage unit for receipt of trophies
  • Specified chemical treatment of skins and sculls
  • Separate staffing to work in Processing (dirty) and storage (clean) areas to prevent cross contamination
  • Quaterly and Annual inspections by State Veterinarian

So how does this benefit you?

  1. The same people that outfit your hunt now export your trophies – other Outfitters does not have this service an “farm” the business out to third party Dip and Pack factories or Taxidermist.
  2. Our -in house Dip and Pack service saves you money and time.
  3. Flat fee per animal for Dip and Pack treatment
  4. Special negotiated rates with shippers and clearing agents to save you money
  5. Guaranteed MAXIMUM delivery time to the U.S.A. once deposit is received

The Process:

From the Hunt:

  • Recover trophy from hunt and deliver to on site trophy preparation factory
  • Trophies are tagged and catalogued and the hunter, professional hunter and skinner sign a trophy skinning instruction sheet.
  • Prepare trophies on site within hours of trophy being skinned

Dip & Pack procedure:

  • Treatment according to Gov. prescribed formulas
  • Skins: Salting, Pickle with anti-bacterial, Pickle with Formic Acid,
  • Sculls and Horns: Cleaned and bleached with hydrogen peroxide
  • Applies for Export Documentation from government
  • Inspection by State Veterinarian
  • Invoice Client – Payment received
  • Pack and Crate for Shipment

30-60 Day Average Turn around

Shipping Company:

  • Collect trophies from Dip & Pack Factory
  • Arrange all paperwork and inspections by government officials at shipping venue
  • Clear trophies for export
  • Arrange freight and logistics
  • Invoice Client
  • Ship trophies

30 Day Average Turn around (airfreight)

U.S.A. Clearing Agent:

  • Receives and clears Trophies at port of entry into the U.S.A
  • Invoice Client
  • Arrange home delivery of shipment for client in partnership with Shipping company.

7 Day Average Turn around