Hunting for these sought after species has become a specialised affair between price, trophy quality, and then what is most important to us, the hunting experience.

The Hunt:

In South Africa, Infinito Safaris is proud to offer the fair chase hunting of the species listed below, on our 30,000 Acre Buffalo Valley Conservancy as well as other hunting blocks we have access to all over the country. Our pricing is competitive, trophy quality top notch and our hosting un matched. I would say the hunter need 5-7 Hunting days to harvest most of these species.


Stay in luxury at our Infinity Lodge or Buffalo Valley Lodge


Most of the species can be hunted only 2 hours drive from the Johannesburg airport where you will arrive in South Africa. One of our staff members will collect you at the airport and guide you through the process of getting your rifle through customs, and the South African Police Service

Hunting method:

Hunting is done by walk & stalk OR spot & stalk

Arrival Day:

$250.00 Arrival Day fee per person

Your arrival day is a non-hunting day and you will only start hunting the next day


Hunter Day fees:

$550.00 Per Day Hunter Day Fee – 1 Hunter guided by 1 Professional Hunter (min 7 Days)

$325.00 Per Day Hunter Day Fee – 2 Hunters guided by 1 Professional Hunter (min 7 Days)

$150.00 Per Hunter per NIGHT hunt in addition to day fees listed above if a night hunt is added after a full days hunting


Observer Fees:

$250.00 Per Day Observer Fee

$100.00 Per Day trips to local attractions for Observers


Airport Transfers:

$550.00 Airport Transfer per vehicle – 7 PAX (all-inclusive of pick up and drop off at OR Tambo international Airport) both ways all inclusive

Glamour Game

Trophy fee
Sable Southern $5,500.00
Roan Southern $6,500.00
Tsessbe $2,500.00
Lichtenstein Hartebeest $5,500.00
Bontebok $2,950.00
Vaal Rhebuck $1,500.00
Lechwe $3,250.00
Black Impala $1,900.00
Golden Wildebeest $2,500.00
Springbok Black $750.00
Springbok White $1,550.00
Springbok Copper $1,650.00
Springbok Kalahari $650.00
Springbok Damaraland $1,500.00