Infinito Travel Pty Ltd was incorporated in the Republic of South Africa in 2003. The company’s mission is to serve the trophy hunting industry in Africa, through the vast knowledge and passion possessed by the owners.

Infinito Safaris is the body corporate under which all operations are conducted. The owners have, over the last 20 years, forged strong partnerships with like minded companies and individuals in other African countries, enabling our clients to access top areas that produce top trophies.

Company Structure:

Owner and C.E.O:
Charl van Rooyen

Owner and C.F.O:
Erika van Rooyen

U.S.A. Office Manager:
Dave Stueve

Head Professional Hunter:
Andre Kruger

Game Manager:
J.D. Hunter Badenhorst

Hunting :

Manager – Charl van Rooyen
Bookings – Erika van Rooyen

Currently, our partnerships enable us to operate as follow:

  1. South Africa – Infinito Safaris as a brand operates in 6 of South Africa’s nine provinces. We have access to private and government land that gives visiting trophy hunters the opportunity of a fair chase African Safari for various Plains Game and Dangerous Game species. Our guides specialize in hard to get trophies through specialized hunting methods
  1. Tanzania – We lease our OWN two blocks from the Tanzanian Government. This is our own garden of Eden and prized Dangerous Game block where the Big Four roam freely in huge numbers. Leopard, Lion, Buffalo and Elephants are the main attraction for this fantastic Old African experience.

  2. Uganda – Charl van Rooyen owns 29% shares in the German Company that owns UGANDA WILDLIFE Safaris. We bought the shares in this Safari company simply because they are the top Safari business in Central Africa. Here we focus on Sitatunga, Nile Buffalo and Bushbuck, huge East African Impala, and of course the maneless Sudanese Zebra.