Infinito Safaris Mozambique Prices: 2017/2018

(All prices quoted in USD and subject to change without notice)

Currently the Central part of Mozambique where we hunt is in a De Facto state of civil war and unrest.

Peace negotiations is nearing a positive conclusion and Infinito Safaris are looking forward to getting back there soon!

Buffalo (minimum 10 days)                           Observers: $350.00 per day
$ 950.00 per day

Leopard (minimum 14 days)
$ 1,200.00 per day

Elephant (minimum 21 days)
$2,500.00 per day

Hippopotamus & Crocodile
$850.00 per day (minimum 10 days)

Sable (min 7 days)
$950.00 per day

Species Trophy fees Govt. Fees Total Min Days
Baboon 120 100 220 7
Blue Duiker 1 200 280 1 480 7
Cape Buffalo 4, 500 1,250 5 750 10
Bushbuck (Chobe) 800 300 1 100 7
Bushpig 450 180 630 7
Grey Duiker 500 200 700 7
Red Duiker 750 200 700 7
Reedbuck 700 200 900 7
Suni 1,200 260 1 460 7
Warthog 350 120 470 7
Crocodile 2,500 850 3 350 10
Management crocs 1,000 0 1 000 n/a
Hippopotamus 3 500 800 4 300 10
Waterbuck (Common) 2 000 400 2 400 10
Sable 4,000 450 4 450 7
Leopard 4,500 2,500 7 000 14
Elephant 15,000 16,000 31 000 21

To ensure quota availability and to avoid disappointment, all trophy requirements must be reserved in writing, at the time of booking

Infinito Safaris Mozambique Prices: 2017/18

(All prices quoted in USD and subject to change without notice)

Hunting License 350
Rifle import permit 350
Visa for Mozambique 70
Airport taxes 120
Air charter from Beira to camp 2,750 Return. Cost per flight not per person
Commercial flights to Quelimanne P.O.R.
Drive from Beira to Hunting area 900 Return. Cost per drive not per person

The Daily rates includes: Services of a Professional Hunter, field preparation of trophies, all meals and drinks, services of camp staff, skinners and trackers and all transportation on land and water in the hunting area.

Excluded from daily rates: Tips to PH’s, skinners, trackers and all camp staff. Trophy documentation, dipping, packing and shipping of trophies to export facility, hotel accommodations before and after the safari, and all road and air transfers outside the Safari area.

Clients travel to Johannesburg where they either connect their flight to Beira or sleep over in Johannesburg where the Beira flight is taken the next day. Depending on arrival time in Beira a sleep over there is recommended or the charter flight is taken to the Safari area after customs have been cleared.

A deposit of 50% of total day rates will secure the booking, with all outstanding fees and additional expenses to be paid 60 days prior to the start of the Safari.

Infinito Safaris Mozambique Prices: 2017/18

(All prices quoted in USD and subject to change without notice)

Bank transfers is advised and preferred. Cash is advisable for gratuities, and extra trophy fees. No travelers cheques are accepted regrettably. Day fees are charged per available hunting day or part thereof, and not per night. Payment of any part of the fees constitutes consent that all parties agree to our terms and conditions as per our web-site or marketing material. All outstanding fees must be paid in cash in camp before departure.

A deposit paid into our account serves as confirmation of the agreement, and cancelations must be made in writing. Deposits are non refundable, and clients are advised to get a substitute hunter to take over his obligation. There are insurance policies to cover a client against such a loss. If a cancelation is made in writing 12 months before the start of the Safari, the client will have the option to postpone the hunt to another date, providing all increases in fees are paid for. No refunds will be given if a Safari is ended early due to circumstances beyond the control of Inifnito Safaris.

The client will ensure that he is covered by travel and medical insurance through a reputable insurance agency, and forward such details to our offices at least 60 days before arrival. We are willing to assist in getting you the right insurance.

The hunting season opens in April, but we only start on the first of June, as the area is too inaccessible before then. Best months are August, September and October.

Trophy dip and pack, as well as transport cost, depends on the amount and type of trophies to be exported. Fees charged covers all the cost of paperwork and permit fees, and transport of trophies to Maputo where they will be delivered to the exporters who will get in contact with the client and the trophies be exported to the destination of choice of the client. Take note that there is still a CITES import ban of Elephant and Hippopotamus trophies into the U.S.A. from Mozambique.

We have so much to tell you about this wonderful adventure that it is impossible to do everything here!

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