Infinito Taxidermy Services

“Getting your stuff back home”

Infinito Safaris again leading the way!

This we do by exporting our client’s trophies in house! Probably the biggest problem for visiting foreign hunters, is the fact that they do not understand the process and procedures that must be followed to EXPORT their treasured trophies from Africa, and IMPORT them into their home country.

So we at Infinito Safaris are PLEASED to inform you that with our new Infinito Taxidermy Services
we are able to cut out the middle man and bring you this service direct.

We invested in building the required facility, and got registered as a wild life trader and veterinarian approved facility, with the authorities in South Africa

So here is how we are different

Infinito Safaris to Infinito Taxidermy Services:

  • Recover trophy from hunt and deliver to on site trophy preparation factory
  • Prepare trophies on site within hours of trophy being skinned

Dip & Pack

  • Treatment according to government prescribed formula:

Skins: Salting, Pickle with anti-bacterial and salt solution,

Sculls and Horns: Cleaned and bleached with hydrogen peroxide

30 Day Turn Around


Our Studio:

Charl and Erika are pleased to announce our brand new and fully functional Taxidermy and Tannery that went into full production in 2018. This is big news as we believe this completes the service chain. We now truly deliver ALL the services for your hunt under our roof.

You of course still have the option to Dip and Pack your trophies to your trusted friend in America to handle your Taxidermy work!

Mounting of trophies

90 Day Turn Around for Shoulder mounts

120 Days for Half mounts, Full mounts and Specialized mounts

Government Inspection and Permitting:

  • Apply for Export Documentation to Government
  • Inspection by State Vetrinarian
  • Invoice Client
  • Pack and Crate for Shipment

30 Day Average Turn around

Taxidermy procedure:

  • Trophies goes to Dip and Pack Factory and receives the same Gov. prescribed treatment for skins and sculls
  • Invoice client for 50% Deposit – We do not start the work without a deposit
  • After 30 days (skins dry sculls bleached) the trophies are moved from the Dip and Pack factory to our Taxidermy factory at Buffalo Valley (5 miles)
  • Here we tan our skins and mount your trophies. The whole process takes between 60 and 90 days to complete a typical order.
  • We do NOT except work from other Outfitters and ONLY work on our own client’s trophies – ensuring a speedy turn around a good quality work all at a fantastic price!
  • Apply for Export Documentation from government
  • Invoice Client – Payment received
  • Pack and Crate for Shipment

9 Month Average Turn Around

Shipping Company:

  • Collect trophies from Taxidermist
  • Arrange all paperwork and inspections by government officials at shipping venue
  • Clear trophies for export
  • Arrange freight and logistics
  • Invoice Client

30 Day Average Turn around (airfreight)

U.S.A. Clearing Agent:

  • Receives and clears Trophies at port of entry into the U.S.A
  • Invoice Client
  • Arrange home delivery of shipment for client in partnership with Shipping company.

7 Day Average Turn around

So how does this benefit you?

  1. The same people that outfit your hunt now mount and/or export your trophies in-house.
  2. Our -in house Taxidermy service saves you money and time.
  3. Flat fee per animal for Dip and Pack treatment
  4. Special negotiated rates with shippers and clearing agents to save you money
  5. Guaranteed MAXIMUM delivery time to the U.S.A. once deposit is received

Average cost of getting 5 Plains Game animals to USA Taxidermist, all in approx. $1,500.00


Just another reason why you should book your hunt with us!